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Getting ready for the premier of Mad Men with a classic cocktail!

We are but a mere 1.5 months away from the season premier of Mad Men but already our mouths are salivating for not only the visual joy that is on our TV but also the #‎cocktail‬ fun that comes with watching the advertising execs and their “adventures.”

Here’s a fun way to get ready: The Mad Men Cocktail Culture app ($0.99 on iTunes only right now). Test your ability to make cocktails and be rated (including pour counts, shaking and more!).



Just go right to the recipes to pour, mix, shake and drink! A full list of the recipes can also be found on! A stellar list of classic cocktails and more!


Thanks to #AMC for continuing to provide us with not only TV but also digital content during the season as well as the off-season for many of their favorite shows (Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, etc.)!


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Happy 2011 – The Year of the Food & Wine Blog!

As we kicked off the new year I decided on my food-related resolutions:

– To eat better (foods) and to try something new as often as possible. So far, so good! Last night was pan-fried, panko-crusted tofu w/a hint of garlic (Yum)

– To drink better wines: Life is too short to drink a $3/Cabernet that is mass-produced!

– To not eat fast food: Yes, I have taken the oath to give up Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s. Chick-fil-a, Taco Bell, Sonic, etc. … with 2 kids this will be tough but doable!

– To redesign the EAT-KC and KC Wine Buzz blog sites: This is a work in progress and I would guess over the next few weeks you will see the changes pop up!

There you have it … all food and drink related items but after all, what’s life without them!

Happy New Year,

The team at EAT-KC and KC Wine Buzz