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Getting ready for the premier of Mad Men with a classic cocktail!

We are but a mere 1.5 months away from the season premier of Mad Men but already our mouths are salivating for not only the visual joy that is on our TV but also the #‎cocktail‬ fun that comes with watching the advertising execs and their “adventures.”

Here’s a fun way to get ready: The Mad Men Cocktail Culture app ($0.99 on iTunes only right now). Test your ability to make cocktails and be rated (including pour counts, shaking and more!).



Just go right to the recipes to pour, mix, shake and drink! A full list of the recipes can also be found on! A stellar list of classic cocktails and more!


Thanks to #AMC for continuing to provide us with not only TV but also digital content during the season as well as the off-season for many of their favorite shows (Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, etc.)!


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Paris of the Plains Cocktail Festival is Coming!

Many of you have heard about and/or participated in The Greater KC Bartending Competition … well: the great minds who brought that celebrating to fruition are taking it about 30 steps further with the Paris of the Plains Cocktail Festival.

The Paris of the Plains Bartending Competition began in 2007 as The Greater Kansas City Bartending Competition, and was formed by KC residents and beverage industry professionals Doug Frost and Ryan Maybee. The motivation and goals were simple and clear: showcase the talent and skill that exists in Kansas City’s bartending community. By emphasizing and encouraging creativity, knowledge of classic cocktails, and use of fresh ingredients and quality spirits, the competition strived to identify the city’s most talented craft bartenders and promote them and their fine establishments. The competition has grown over the last 5 years to include bartenders from all over the country, while still taking place in Kansas City.

There hasn’t been a tremendous amount of information pro
vided as of yet but here is what we know from their Web site:
Spirited Soirees: You’ve heard of pairing wine with food, but how about cocktails / spirits and food! These events will feature a sponsored product, along with some local talent to dish up some tasty food and beverage selections for guests.

Educational Seminars: We’re not just diving into the hows and whys of making drinks… we’re also going to be hosting some special educational sessions with some internationally recognized talent! Learning about things like Beer Cocktails, Cognac, the History of Kansas City during Prohibition, and More.
Parties & Other events: Kansas City is often celebrated for its renowned influence in BBQ, Jazz, and More, and we plan to highlight these aspects through some VERY exciting parties and events.
Competitions: We’ll be giving away $1000 to one lucky bartender, as well as awarding the first ever Washington Cup Invitational awards for American Made Spirits! There’s some FUN stuff in the works.
Thanks again for your patience, and stay tuned!

The Washington Cup Spirits Competition will kick off on July 1st and culminate with People’s Choice tasting August 27th!

– The rest of the POPFestKC will take place August 23rd to August 27th (The bartending competition will take place Sunday night, August 26th at The Uptown Theater)

Be sure to visit their web site at:
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