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#KC @RestaurantWeek starts Now!

So like everyone else, their mother, their bookie, their attorney and their doctor I, too will be partaking in the 240 hours of Kansas City’s Restaurant Week beginning at lunch today!


I’ve put off writing about my favorites for as long as I can so here I go! First and foremost, my thoughts are my thoughts, Julie’s thoughts (yes, she is guest writing today too) and work for us and our family (and not everyone) but here is our rationale:

  • Where can we go that we really like to eat? That really is how all decisions should be made!
  • Where can we go that we haven’t been before? This town has so many great spots that one could go out for a meal every day out of the year and not get bored!
  • Where can we go that we might not if the menu and price point were not optimized for this week!
  • Where can we go with friends, family, colleagues that really says #KC

So next we go to their Website for an overview of the options … and there are lots!

Be sure to visit the Kansas City Restaurant Week website for more information!

Not up for a large screen experience … be sure to download the Kansas City Restaurant Week smart phone app for a mobile option when you get the urge to eat and support some great charities (and you’re not in front of your computer screen)!

Thinking of tweeting your experiences: Please do! Be sure to use the #KCRW2014 hash tag in your posts!

Follow @kcwineguy, @talkalotamous and @eatkc as we do the same!

So, after reviewing the massive list of 130+ locations and realizing that we only have 20 or so opportunities to indulge, we have narrowed it down to the following:

–      Pig & Finch (South) Heard lots about this Leawood “Gastropub” so it’s about time to try it!

–      The American (Crown Center) Who wouldn’t want to go there for dinner for $33? They’re offering a good selection of several of their most popular dishes. If you’ve never been, this would be a great time to roll in.

–      Blue Bird Bistro (Downtown) I often think their food is solid, but some of the pricing is odd. This is a good chance to eat local at a good price. And they’re offering a broad selection of starters and entrees.

–      Marv’s Deli (South) (Yes, I am on a deli kick these days) – I know some of the peeps that run this join and I have not made it in yet (Again, a Southern trip is in order)

–      BRGR (Downtown) (PV isn’t doing dinner, only lunch) – $33? Yes, for FOUR courses and a huge selection (including fried deviled eggs – yes, please). One of the desserts is a donut grilled with maple bacon butter!

–      Lew’s Grill & Bar (Waldo) OK so hear me out. This is $33 for 2 people – so it’s a great deal. And if you’ve never been to Lew’s, you should go. It’s good bar food – SOLID. And all homemade – nothing frozen, etc. Definitely a beer-and-comfort-food place.

–      Le Fou Frog (River Market) Always awesome, always $$ to $$$, often forgotten about. Worth a try again, for the price. They do French better than anyone else, IMO!

–      Michael Smith (Crossroads) – Another opportunity to eat high end cuisine at an expensive (and worth it) restaurant. You can get braised rabbit and gnocchi for an appetizer, and his 8-hour pot roast for dinner, which is amazing.

–      Renee Kelly’s Harvest (OP) – We don’t really know anything about this place aside from the rave reviews from peeps we know; but it looks damn interesting. Might be a good time to try it out.

–      Westport Café and Bar (Westport) No one gives this place enough credit and some of our FAVORITE dishes of theirs are on the list. The black truffle pasta is off the hook, yo.

Other spots I will try and work in over the 10 days: Affare, Beer Kitchen, Corner Restaurant, Lidia’s, Reserve at The Ambassador, Rosso at Hotel Sorella, Spin (Great with the family), Taco Republic, & Westside Local!

We’ll write more soon but this should get you set for the first weekend of fun!

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And speaking of Gram & Dunn: Thrilled and honored to be joining Matt Eyman (@YelpKC) for lunch on Tuesday. Follow along (@kcwineguy) while we eat and tweet our way through the menu!

Don’t forget: these 10 days have a purpose too! In addition to getting you off your couch during one of the coldest January’s in some time you will be helping to support three great nonprofits:

Michael & Julie


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